Kristina Wong's "How To Pick Up Asian Chicks"

Once again, Kristina Wong successfully uses her comedic creative skills to shine the light on the absurd and obnoxious self-published books from 6 self proclaimed, “expert” white men giving tips on how to pick up Asian women.


In Wong’s youtube series, “How To Pick Up Asian Chicks” notable Asian ladies read excerpts from 6 books a la “Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” style.  Each 2-minute episode is dedicated to reviewing one self-published book written by a self-proclaimed “expert” on Asian women. Several of the books reviewed include, “Everyman’s Guide to Asian Sex,” “Asian MILF Hunting,” and “How to Get an Asian Girlfriend”.

Tips range from Yelp being one of the best places to meet Asian women, Vietnamese women will tolerate an older man as long as he’s got a fat wallet, and Asian women are very insecure because of the communist experience on "it’s people". (Yes, you read correctly). 

kristina wong series 2.jpg

Featured commentators include porn star and author Asa Akira, actor Amy Hill (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Unreal”), actor Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (“Modern Family”), comedian Jenny Yang, actresses Lynn Chen and Michelle Krusiec. 

As Series Creator Kristina Wong says, “I’ve infiltrated the pickup artist scene for years, crashed their conventions, and made art about their ‘techniques.’ These guys spread misinformation on Asian American women, and their books are ripe for dissection. It’s time to flip the script on the submissive Asian woman stereotype and upend its root cause--white supremacy.”

In support of the series, Wong created the hashtag #HowNOTtoPickUpAsianChicks which has become an active forum for discussing the lousy ways men try to pick up on Asian women.

Here is a look at one of the episodes.

You can head to Kristina Wong's youtube channel to view the entire series.