Christie Hsiao of Serenity Media Group raises awareness for Alzheimers in her latest project

Serenity Media Group Founder, CEO and Executive Producer, Christie Hsiao is working on an independent film based on Pat Moffett’s critically acclaimed book, “Ice Cream in the Cupboard”. 

“I am so excited to have a young, talented group of filmmakers and an amazing cast to be a part of this project,” says Hsiao. “Pat Moffett’s book is so timely, he tells a beautiful story about Early Onset Alzheimer’s and how it affects a loving marriage. I was so compelled to bring his book to the screen to raise awareness and support families and caregivers around the world to better take care of themselves and patients. This is a love story everyone can relate to, to know when to let go and move on,”

Christie Hsiao, Founder/CEO/Executive Producer of Serenity Media Group

Christie Hsiao, Founder/CEO/Executive Producer of Serenity Media Group

 “Ice Cream in the Cupboard” follows the story of a loving married couple; Carmen and Pat.  After a series of unsettling events which include Carmen physically attacking her husband Pat, and not being able to find her way back home, Pat begins to wonder what is happening to his wife.  They soon discover that Carmen has early onset Alzheimer’s. As Carmen’s condition worsens, Pat finds solace in his memories of their life together. 

The film, which stars Jaime King, Tobin Bell, Dana Ashbrook, Andy Dick, Sean Whalen and AmberFrank is scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2018.

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November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.